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Consumer Research

Awareness, Attitudes and Usage Studies

Awareness, Attitudes and Usage studies are essential for managing the market performance of a company at any stage of its development. They provide information about:

  • Awareness of products and services
  • Penetration level of products and services
  • Consumers’ profiles
  • Image of brands, firms and institutions
  • Factors for choosing products and services
  • Attitudes towards products and services
  • Other topics of interest

Product Test

Product tests are conducted in order to test the acceptability or to improve the features of a product.
By location product tests can be:

  • in-hall, central location test (CLT) –respondents are invited to a specially designed location, where they test the products and give their opinion about it
  • home-usage tests (HUT) – respondents are given samples of the products to test over a pre-defined period of time

Depending on the objectives, product tests can be blind (without revealing the brand name) or branded.

Concept Test

Concept tests are an indispensable tool when launching a new product, service, brand or advertising or when planning changes in the existing ones. They provide a reliable indication about consumer’s perception of the tested concept.
Depending on the stage of the concept development and the risk involved, concept test can be qualitative or quantitative or a combination of both methodologies.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping helps companies evaluate the quality of the service they provide to their clients.
Our mystery shoppers have rich experience in financial services (banks and insurance companies), telecom, automotive, HORECA segment, retail, pharmacies and others.

Media Research

Media Audience Research
Continuous Surveys
Major Media Audience (TV, press and radio)
Regional Media Audience Surveys (TV, press and radio - DAR methodology)
Custom-Designed Media Research
TGI /Target Group Index

Target Group Index (TGI) /2002 - 2014/

A fast growing international network of single source market research surveys providing invaluable product, brand, media and attitudinal data in over 65 countries around the world
TGI delivers the results of the survey in an all-inclusive database, making it a very flexible, even indispensable, marketing research tool
Market Test is the exclusive licensee for TGI/Kantar Media for Bulgaria more...


A Short Description of TGI Survey in Bulgaria

The Target Group Index is a continuous survey, which measures consumer purchasing habits, media exposure and attitudes in order to describe as accurately as possible the characteristics of target groups of consumers, and the potential strategies that enable subscribers to communicate with those audiences. Advertisers, their advertising agencies and media owners use TGI extensively to help them develop more efficient marketing strategies and advertising campaigns.

TGI is conducted in over 65 countries around the world.

TGI Bulgaria at a glance:

  • Annual Sample Size: 12,000
  • Sample: Adults 15-69 of Bulgarian urban population
  • Methodology: Face to face and self-completion questionnaire
  • Frequency: Quarterly data releases
  • Fieldwork period: Continuous

What does TGI Measure?

Products and brands

The TGI survey covers the full range of consumer products and services, providing data on more than 2000 brands in over 200 product fields, divided into sectors. Broad categories of coverage include:

  • Appliances and durables
  • Confectionery
  • Drinks (Alcohol and Non-alcohol)
  • Financial Services
  • Communications
  • Food
  • Holidays and Travel
  • Household Products
  • Sports&Leisure
  • Motoring
  • Pharmaceutical and chemists products
  • Shopping
  • Tobacco
  • Toiletries and cosmetics
  • Media/Marketing information

Because TGI is a single-source planning tool, any of the product and brand information can be directly analyzed against the extensive media consumption data collected from the same respondents, allowing subscribers to identify media and marketing opportunities. Media usage information includes:

  •  AIR and frequency of reading some 140 newspapers and magazines, as well as reading of sections and topics of interest
  • Weight of TV viewing (including cable and satellite), normative viewing patterns and programs that respondents specially choose to watch
  • National, regional and local radio listening and programs listened to
  • Exposure to, and recall of, outdoor advertising
  • Cinema-going and films viewed
  • Video and Teletext usage
  • New media consumption, including Internet
  • Demographics / Socio-demographics

Any variable or combination of variables measured by TGI can be analyzed and profiled in terms of demographics. This includes full information on age, sex, social grade, region, household income, working status, marital status, terminal education age, household characteristics, and home ownership and employment status.

TGI Lifestyle

TGI also provides a wide range of attitudinal data, known as TGI Lifestyle. The questionnaire carries a battery of more than 290 statements, which are specifically designed to measure the values and opinions held by respondents. These statements are measured on a 5 point scale (from definitely agree to definitely disagree) and cover attitudes to media, health, holidays, drink, finance and many other sectors.

The resulting information provides a unique qualitative perspective to quantitative research data. Correctly used, TGI Lifestyle can discriminate far more powerfully between target audiences than demographic definitions alone.

Powerful Analysis Software

A central element of the TGI proposition is specially developed suites of analysis software. These enable subscribers to conduct powerful analyses for themselves, ranging from simple cross-tabulations to complex multivariate segmentations. Whatever the project, the software provides fast and flexible access to data.
Additional module of the Choices 3 software is the specialized press planning tool (Reach&Frequency), which is designed to facilitate creating and optimizing advertising planning in the print media environment. 

For more information on TGI Survey please contact Ivaylo Bogomilov, TGI Project Manager: e-mail: or Phone: (+359 2) 988 27 79, 988 27 49