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To be able to provide high quality services Market Test has research experts who:

  • Meet specific research needs
  • Keep up with the latest innovations in research methods and techniques.
  • Trained moderators for Focus Group Discussions and In-depth Interviews
  • Well-established network of interviewers that cover the entire country trained to conduct:
  • Face-to-face /in-home or on-street/ and telephone interviews; Business-to-business (B2B) interviews; Expert interviews
  • In-house data processing to specifically meet Client’s information needs
  • Specially designed facility with one-way mirror and close-circuit TV; audio and video taping and professional simultaneous translation /more.../

Market Test also has experience in conducting research in other countries with local sub-contractors. Executed projects in:

  • Balkan region: Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, Turkey
  • Evrasia: Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan
  • Middle East: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Israel, Lebanon